Christmas Haters
There are three people who hate Christmas.  Perhaps you have met one of them. We’ve all met the first one, Ebenezer Scrooge.  Because we are privy to his entire story, we feel sorry for him.  He had a disappointing life.  His childhood was unlike that of his friends.  He befriended money which cost him his girlfriend and a chance to share his life with someone special.  He did have one sister who loved him, but she died early in life.  Mr. Scrooge’s life was not a happy tale to recall.  The few happy memories that he owned, were drowned in the sea of his overwhelming dissatisfaction with the hand he had been dealt.  He didn’t want Christmas to remind him of everything he had lost in life.
Then there is the Grinch.  He never understood Christmas. No one had ever explained it to him.  He saw the hustle and bustle.  He saw the entire celebration unfolding from his elevated position.  He took the dark road that others sometimes take.  Instead of ignoring what we don’t understand, we try to destroy.  The Grinch set out to destroy this happiness that he couldn’t put his finger on.  Who knew that he was suffering from a bad heart?  His miniature heart did not have the capacity to receive all that his eyes had witnessed.  He needed a heart transformation. 
Finally, there is Charlie Brown. His Christmas experience leaves him feeling depressed.  He feels that he is not liked and the holiday season will magnify this feeling.  Poor Charlie Brown; it took Linus to explain to him that Christmas is not a feeling.  He was fortunate.  After years of anticipating and experiencing depression during the holidays, he finally had someone step up to the plate and explain the real Christmas story.
To sum them up, we have the discouraged, the disillusioned and the disappointed.  Discouraged people have lost hope that the future includes anything good for them.  This was the condition of Mr. Scrooge.  However, disillusioned people are mixed up, confused and take a contrary path to go against society.  This was Mr. Grinch.  Finally, the disappointed people of the world have been overlooked.  They never received Christmas cards.  They were absent, asleep or not paying attention when the real Christmas meaning was explained.  This was Charlie Brown. The big question I ask myself is can I make a difference in their lives.
Dear Lord, I pray that I show more understanding this year for every Ebenezer Scrooge.  Help me to reshape someone’s ideas so they won’t end up a lonely person only able to recall life’s unpleasant memories.  Show me how to deal with the Grinchs who don’t understand my joy of Christmas and want to steal it.  Help me to show them that the joy I have is not commercialized and therefore can’t be taken from me.
And Lord please don’t let me get caught up with going through the motions of the holiday season without sharing with every inquiring Charlie Brown the true meaning of your birth and why its’ worth celebrating at Christmas and every day of the year. Amen.
Lord Please Close Five Doors
It’s a brand new year!  Wow!  It feels good to be in a new place.  Are you one of many people praying for God to open doors for you this year?  I am praying that God will close five doors for me this year.  
  • I want the door of negativity to close. Dear Lord, train me how to look away from things that bring me down.
  • I want the door of complaining to close.  Father, please teach me how to train my mouth to respond in a positive way to every situation.
  • I want the door of deceit to close.  O God, guide me in being true to myself so I can be true to you.
  • I want the door of despair to close.  Savior, show me that when I place my eyes on you, there is always hope in every situation.
  • I want the door of doubt to close.  Heavenly Father, impress upon my heart to always believe every word that proceedeth out of your mouth.  Amen!

New Easter Clothes

Macy’s is having a sale!  But I’m so excited to announce that I’ve already got my Easter outfit!  I have to say that this garment is beautiful!  Most people select spring colors like lavender and pink.  But I let someone else pick my clothes out.

I don’t usually tell people what I am wearing, but when you get a great deal like this one, it’s hard to keep quiet.  Speaking of clothes, this reminds me of a passage I was reading in St. John 20:12.  This is where two angels were sitting down in the tomb of Jesus.  I pondered why they were sitting.  I figure if angels come all the way from heaven, they have a job to do.  But as I continued to read the scriptures, I understood.  The angels had already done the work they were sent from heaven to do.  They had rolled away the stone. 

But what else did they do?  Well, I believe they brought our Savior his Easter clothes. In St. John 20:6-7, it speaks about the pre resurrection clothes lying neatly in the place where he had been earlier.  The piece that had earlier been wrapped around his head was also there.

Since Jesus was wearing different clothes, Mary thought he was the gardener.  He had on an entirely different outfit on his new resurrected body.  However, she did recognize his voice.  He called her my name. This, my friends, is the beginning of wearing new clothes on Easter Sunday.

So when Easter Sunday or Resurrection Day comes, I’ll wear the Righteousness of Jesus.  As a matter of fact, I’m wearing it right now.  I exchanged my clothes of filth, carnality and selfishness for what he offered me.  It’s such a wonderful fit.  Sure sometimes I feel unworthy to wear such an expensive covering.  But then I remember how much he paid for it just so I could wear it, it makes me feel good from the inside out.  So now, I don’t have to go all over town trying to find something to wear.

Jesus has clothed me in his righteousness so that I can have my beautiful Easter clothes on Resurrection Sunday.  That makes the day all about him, and not about me. Well that’s my story from where I sit.  If you get a chance, please take time to see the film “Risen” this spring season.  It will be a blessing. Remember